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With the popularity of shopping online ever increasing, some people may wonder if the boom in online sales has affected some of the big chain retailers in the United States.  The rise in e-commerce retailing has indeed affected retail chains, but surprisingly in a good way. Now major chains have the ability to more closely monitor and respond to shopping trends. Stores like Target have also changed much of their marketing strategies and been able to expand their selection and online inventory because of e-commerce.  Part of this expansion of inventory has allowed Target to showcase more inventory from a larger selection of businesses, so if you are a business owner and want to sell on, e-commerce has made it easier now to get your foot in the door with these large retailers.

For many small businesses or startup companies, the idea of trying to sell on can be intimidating. However, ecommerce has changed the landscape for many businesses. You no longer have to already have a multimillion dollar product idea in order to be listed on Target’s website and you also do not have to commit to putting inventory in each of their physical locations as well as online. This can save a company quite a bit of overhead, and allow them to focus on increasing their brand awareness. If you are interested in getting your products listed for sale on, here are a few tips to get you started.

Make sure you understand the corporation that you want to work with. Each retailer is going to have a different set of rules and regulations in place for the companies that they do business with. Make sure you are familiar with the rules of the particular retailer you want to work with, and also that you are able to stay within those regulations.  If you feel like you are not able to commit to their set of guidelines, then you may want to consider looking at a different retailer.

 Do not make Target your first stop on the advertising trail. Even though ecommerce has made it much easier to become listed on or other websites, that does not mean that you as a business owner are exempt from attempting to do any marketing on your own. Before you create your pitch for the target team, you want to show what you have done to promote your brand already, and what sales you have achieved as a result of that marketing. It is unlikely that any major chain will take on a completely unknown brand unless you can show them the numbers that show that they will be profitable if they decide to sell your product.

Refine your pitch. When you feel that you are ready and you have secured a meeting with the Target Team, you want to make sure that you are properly prepared. You need to be able to show them clear and concise data of your sales, and also be able to answer any potential questions that the executive team will throw at you.

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