Going to an oral surgeon after any accident with your mouth

Accidents happen sometimes and while usually we heal up after a week or two and move on, sometimes we are unlucky enough to have done something in the exact right way to cause way more damage than we would have if everything hadn’t have happened in such a way. One big example of this is when kids play sports and either fall in just the right way to break something or to knock out a tooth. While both of these problems can of course be fixed, it can really be frustrating and of course, rather painful. If you end up breaking a bone you of course need to go to the emergency room as quickly as possible to get everything fixed up. If a tooth gets chipped or knocked out though, it is important to go to either a dentist or an oral surgeon that can do both extractions and dental implants.

What kind of dental care you will need will of course depend on how bad the accident is. In some cases, if the tooth has just been chipped the dentist or oral surgeon can fix it up by adding a bit of a fake tooth substance onto the tooth and have it back to looking like new in a matter of a few minutes. If the tooth has been chipped but badly damaged, the dentist or oral surgeon might have to take the tooth out and replace the whole thing with a fake tooth. If the tooth gets totally knocked out during the accident, sometime the dentist or oral surgeon can put the real tooth back and attach it again to the gums and again, other times they will have to use dental implants to put in a fake tooth.

While this may seem rather scary, with how much has changed over the years with how oral surgeons go about dental implants, tooth extractions and filling in chipped teeth within the past few years. Now all of the processes take a fraction of the time to complete and they are much less invasive and painful than some of the methods that were used in the past.

wisdom teeth While getting one of these procedures done is still not exactly fun for anyone, it is important that if you have any sort of accident that does any sort of damage to your teeth or mouth, that you go and get it checked out as soon as possible. If you go to an oral surgeon like Peakoms Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center, they can tell you pretty quickly if everything is ok and will heal on its own or if the injury is going to require any kind of further dental care. That way you know right away what you are in for and what you need to do in order to get your smile back to being both healthy and beautiful.

While your teeth can almost always be fixed up, remember that your teeth are one of the most important pieces of your body so make sure to take care of them.

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