Signs You Have Hired the Wrong Carpet Cleaning Company

rug cleaningAnyone who has carpets or rugs in their home has to have a great company that can provide all of the cleaning services. A carpet cleaning company should clean the carpets every year to ensure that no serious damage occurs, and they should be ready to help you in emergencies. This is why hiring the right company is very important. It is not enough to just hire the first one you find. A bad carpet cleaning company can cause as much damage as not hiring one at all. We have some signs to look for that can tell you that you have hired the wrong company.

  • No Online Presence: In this day and age, every company should have an online presence. This could be a Facebook page or a website. You need to check on what other clients have thought of their services, and many times this is possible to do through online reviews. If the company does not have an online presence, it might be a good idea to choose another one.
  • No Real Address: You cannot trust a company that only offers a P.O. box as an address. This could mean that they are not a reputable company. The same thing applies if they do not have an email address or a phone number.
  • Full Fees Upfront: Most rug cleaning and carpet cleaning companies ask for a deposit before they begin work and require payment once the work is finished. You should never pay for services like these upfront, since the workers could just take your money and not show up to provide the services. If you have been asked for the full payment upfront, it is important that you choose another company.
  • You Have to Provide the Supplies: Never accept a carpet cleaning company that asks you to purchase the cleaning supplies. This is their job and responsibility. They should have access to cleaning products that the regular public does not have, so if the company is trying to get you to buy cleaning products or equipment, you need to turn to another option.
  • Never On Time: A professional company knows that your time is important and they will never waste it. If the people you have hired are always late or they do not show up when they say they will, you need to hire other people. It is their responsibility to show upon time and ready to work.

If you see any of these signs in the company you have hired to provide you with carpet cleaning or rug cleaning, you need to start looking for another company. Never provide full payment upfront and never accept to buy the supplies yourself. Take the time to see if the company has an online presence and that they are reputable. The best companies will have online reviews that you can read and they will provide you with an idea of the kind of services and products they use. Choose the right company to be able to get your carpets looking perfect.