Six cleaning products that will help you keep your house clean

Keeping your house looking nice and clean is half putting the time and effort into it and half making sure that you have the right tools at your disposal to help you. While I am surely not going to come and help anyone with the time and effort portion of their home cleaning process, I will very happily help spread some knowledge about some great tools that will hopefully make your cleaning process a little bit quicker and easier. While there are a lot of great products out there that are specifically designed for cleaning different kinds of surfaces and attacking specific types of stains, today I am going to focus primarily on the cleaning product line by Chem Dry that can help you clean many of the surfaces in your home, but particularly your flooring.

Pet stain and odor remover- If you have ever had a pet you know that it is only a matter of time before something happens and they have an accident on your carpet. These stains can be particularly difficult to get out and leave behind a nasty smell. Hopefully the Chem Dry professional pet stain and odor spray will help get rid of all of it.

chem dryGeneral carpet deodorizer- Even if you do not have pets, the smells of any of the number of different things that get brought into your home on shoes or however can pile up to a significant smell coming from your carpets. With the Chem Dry carpet deodorizer you can both get rid of the unpleasant smell but also give your carpets a nice clean and fresh smell of either wildflowers, mulberry or apple cinnamon.

Fabric protector- Cleaning your upholstery can be even more difficult than cleaning your carpets so having an upholstery protector can help before you even have a problem. By spraying a bit of the fabric protector on your furniture you can keep the stains from being able to soak deep down into your furniture.

Professional strength carpet spot remover- Having the professional Chem Dry carpet cleaning team over for a good strong cleaning can get out a bunch of old stains but for those in between times, having a good carpet cleaner on hand will help remove or minimize the stains that build up day to day until your next professional Chem Dry carpet cleaning.

The Razor- This is Chem Dry’s solution for hard floor surfaces like wood or tile. In the typical style of a lot of hard wood or tile cleaners now, it is a thick and absorbent pad attached to a stick that has a cleaning solution attached. This tool can quickly and easily pick up spills on any hard surface as well as try and pull out particularly difficult stains in your carpets.

The grease and oil spot remover- This cleaning solution is for the really big messes that are difficult or impossible to get out with anything else. When you have a tough mess, you need a tough cleaner like this to pull out all sorts of grease, oil or adhesive.


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