Top things you need to know about pet odor removal

If you are a pet owner, you probably feel very strongly towards your pet. You love them dearly and there is nothing you would change about them. Or, maybe there is. Perhaps you love your pet, but your pet does not love your carpet or your upholstery either. The relationship between your pet and your upholstery and your carpet is tenuous at best and due to this strained relationship, your carpet and upholstery are both suffering tremendously from a case of terrible smells. It is high time that you had a strategy for pet odor removal that would remedy the terrible relationship between your pet and your furniture, but unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds if you are working alone. In fact, there are a lot of sticky issues related to pet odor removal that most pet owners do not know about. Because of this lack of information, it has gotten more and more difficult for pet owners to tackle the growing issue of pet odors in their home. That is why Brooke’s Chem Dry is there to make pet odor removal easier. Their patented formula works miracles on pet odors and leaves your rugs, upholstery, and carpet smelling good as new, in spite of your dear pet’s best efforts. Here are some important things to remember about pet odors as you work to tackle the tricky issue of overcoming these odors:

1. Pet odors caused by pet urine do not stay put. In fact, pet urine has a nasty habit of http://www.carpetcleaningkansascitymissouri.comspreading out over an entire area just because your pet had an accident in the corner. This means that simply cleaning the surface of your carpet will not be enough to adequately handle the stain and the scent that you have been left with. Instead, a much more thorough approach will be necessary. You will need to get all the way down to the flooring in some cases in order to really get rid of the nasty pet odor left by an accident.

2. Pets return to their odors again and again. Chances are if your pet has urinated in a spot once, they have urinated in that spot many more times. Pet odors are tricky to deal with already, you don’t need the urine and the smell getting compounded with more of the same stuff. This is why acting thoroughly as soon as your pet urinates in your home is the best way to prevent long term pet odor damages and strenuous pet odor removal.

3. Urine crystals get more pungent over time. While the liquid in your pet’s urine will evaporate, the rest will not. Instead, it will crystallize in the carpet and along the sub-flooring, become more concentrated and smellier by the day. Only with a very thorough and powerful pet odor removal system can you hope to get rid of all of the urine crystals and therefore save your home from the consistently terrible stench of pet urine.

Be careful when handling pet odor removal; if you do not act appropriately, you will find that your home smells for quite some time!

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