Traits that Make Metal Roofing a Great Option for your Home

Having a roof over one’s head truly is a blessing. Our roofs protect us from the fall of rain, the snow during winter, and the heat from the sun. Without a roof, one would be exposed to the elements and risk one’s health which is why it is important to make sure that you have a good roof that is capable of withstanding anything nature dishes out offering protection to everyone indoors. One particular type of roofing which has shown much promise is Metal Roofing. As the name suggests, this type of roofing is made of metal unlike other roofs which are made of wood, tiles, and asphalt.

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red metal roof

Metal roofs are becoming quite popular and many people are willing to invest in having one installed on one’s house with metal roofs becoming more common in houses these days. So what is it that makes metal roofing good? Today we are going to answer that question and go through the traits that make metal roofing a great option for your home.

  • Long lifespan – The makeup of the metal roofing itself is what makes it very durable allowing it to last far longer than others. The metal is can resist strong winds and heavy rainfall. In addition, metal is not affected my natural decay.
  • Light weight – Tile roofing these days can weigh as much as 750 pounds for every square foot. That’s a lot of weight pushing down on your house. Metal Roofing on the other hand only weigh 150 pounds per square foot at most.
  • Easy to install – You can find that metal roofing is divided into several sections of panels. With the help of a professional contractor, metal roofing can be installed much more quickly. And considering how light each panel is, installation will be a breeze.
  • Resistant to fire – Metal is noncombustible which has earned metal roofing a Class A fire rating being the most resistant to fire provided that all components are metal and do not include combustible components underneath the metal shingles and panels.
  • Reflects heat – During hot days heat can penetrate most roofs but in the case of metal, its shiny surface can easily reflect the sun’s radiant heat reducing the amount of heat that gets into the home and making everyone feel quite uncomfortable.
  • Low pitch – In order to reduce the chance of a leak developing, roofs have to be angled at a certain pitch. The thing with metal roofing is that the pitch doesn’t have to be quite steep unlike other roofs with a minimum pitch of only 3/12 or 4/12 inches.
  • Efficient rain and snow shedding – The metal of the roof is basically impervious to the fall of snow and rain with the panels and shingles locking in very tight and the hard slippery surface of metal roofing helps to let rain and snow fall of easily.

These are the traits that make Metal Roofing a great option for your home so you may want to replace your current roof if it starting to get quite old.