The world continues to look for ways to get away from fossil fuels which are in limited supply, and which are a serious problem for the environment today. The biggest single hope for a new energy source that could possibly give the whole world a new way of operating is solar energy. Solar power has come a very long way in a very short time, from being something that was used mostly by environmentally minded people in rural area, to power factories and homes in most major cities. Solar power still has a long way to come before it can be considered as the country number one source of power, but at the current rate it’s moving, that day isn’t far off. In this reading we used information from some of the major solar power provides like, www.suntalksolar.com, in order to highlight the amazing possibilities that solar power could have on a community as a whole.

There are thousands of communities in all different parts of the country that are now fully solar powered, and people in those areas enjoy a lot of benefits from living in a place where solar power provides the energy. Residential solar installation is only part of the solar power used in solar communities. The concept of a solar community isn’t just that the homes run on solar power, the whole community uses some form of solar power. Streetlights, water cleaning plants, public buildings and more, all of them running off solar power in a solar community. The first thing that people living in solar communities notice is that their city taxes are extremely low. In a lot of cities in this country the city taxes can be a huge burden on families, but in solar communities, where the city’s energy costs are extremely low, city taxes drop by a considerable amount. There is a saying in the solar community which is “you don’t have to be green to love solar energy; you just have to like green”.

People that live in areas that run off solar power systems tend to have a lot of extra perks that are only possible because the city or town doesn’t spend tons of money on electric bill. Take for instance a small town in Michigan that recently installed pool heating systems on several community pools which previously could only stay open for a few months of the year. Now, the community is swimming in the solar heated waters year round, something so unique in the area that people from neighboring areas have started come out to visit the pools as well. The cost of heating a pool with traditional energy would be impossible for a small town, but with solar power that just let the sun do its job. Likewise, solar powered communities are able to keep their streets better lit, adding a sense of security for the residents. When solar power is what generates energy, the use of extra power is something that the town has no problem with.